Interfaith Sunday Schools: Parents Don’t Have To Choose One Religion

My kids have been to Mosques, Temples, Synagogues, Churches and Gurdwaras, as a consequence they are respectful of other faiths and bigotry is way away from them.  Children can learn to respect different faiths without conflict. Mike GhousCenter for Pluralism.# # # Courtesay NPRRAMI AYYUB Interfaith marriage is on the rise,…

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Outline of Wedding Ceremonies

This is a good piece put together by Dr. John Patrick Keefe II to give a general idea of the process of wedding ceremony. Of course, it will be customized to the needs and wants of the couples and or family members. I prepare one that is completely customized for…

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Marrying Someone from Different Faith

The story is same, parents and clergy of all faiths want one or the other person among the couple to convert to their religion to perform the wedding. There was a time, it was a necessity, the society was not mature enough to handle individuals, but today the story is different.  If individuals want…

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Finding Common Ground in Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith marriages are common now, and the reasons cited in this piece is why I chose to officiate interfaith weddings, offering religiosity of their tradition to both the bride and the groom. It is a joy to see couples accept each other with their differences and this is the healthiest…

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The defense of (converting for) marriage act

When people fall in love, the perceived barriers disappear and the couple sees nothing but a joyful life ahead of them. The problems they may face will not be due to their religion, but due to non-acceptance of the otherness of other.  You are who you are and I am who I…

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