Reverse of Misogyny in Interfaith Relationships

Men have not outgrown their ‘need’ to control others, particularly their women. They want their women to be subservient to their whims, even in America, and in all faith traditions. It is what the men wish that happens. The societies are still misogynistic, and I hope it will change. I…

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More Americans are Marrying People of different faiths and races

On June 12, 2017, it will have been 50 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decided that Americans should in fact be allowed to marry a partner of whatever race they want. Since then, many American couples have availed themselves of that right, although white people remain much less likely to marry…

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Indonesia – Interfaith Marriage is Legal – But With Many Obstacles

I have officiated a wedding – a Malaysian groom and a Vietnamese bride. It was a joy to go through their celebrations Mike GhouseWedding # # Indonesia, Interfaith Marriage is Legal – But With Many ObstaclesCourtesy VOA  JAKARTA —  In Indonesia, interfaith marriage is legal but culturally discouraged and some…

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Interfaith Marriages among Jews – Pew Survey

The article follows a comment by Dr. Mike Ghouse; “Compatibility” was the main reason for marriages to last, but it was wrapped up in the same “religion” and same “culture and ethnicity.” The previous societies assumed that compatibility exists only among people of the same faith, and within the same…

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We’ll encourage inter-faith marriages: Siddaramaiah

This is incredible news, and makes me proud of the state where I was born; Karnataka, India. The Chief Minister of the State Mr. Siddaramaiah ought to be congratulated for offering support and security for interfaith and inter-caste marriages. Mr. Siddaramaiah believes that the caste and faith biases will be mitigated with interfaith marriages.…

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