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Dr. Mike Mohamed Ghouse is a Social Scientist, Public Speaker, thinker, author, newsmaker, and Interfaith Wedding Officiant. He is deeply committed to Pluralism in Religion, Politics, Societies, Human rights, and religious freedom. He is the founder and president of the Center for Pluralism, Director at the World Muslim Congress, a think tank, and a wedding officiant at Interfaith Marriages. His new book American Muslim Agenda is available on Amazon, and “Standing up for others” and “Madame President” are coming soon. He is committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions to issues of the day. His mission is to open people’s hearts and minds toward fellow humans.  More about him at TheGhouseDiary.com

Dr. Ghouse has officiated religious, secular, and interfaith weddings with different religious persons. As a Muslim, he has officiated the Nikah ceremonies for Muslims. Since 2010, he has officiated close to 200 weddings.

He is licensed in all 50 states of the United States and will travel from Washington DC to any destination. The wedding proceedings include partial to complete sermons from the Bride and Groom’s religious traditions to the extent the couple prefers. Even if it were the Nikah, it would become a bridge-building event for family members and friends to appreciate learning about each other’s faith. If the couple chooses, we will incorporate the parents’ customary rituals. You can reach out to Mike through text message Mike Ghouse at (214) 325-1916

Marriage is an expression of a commitment to a relationship between two individuals. The men and women who take the bold step to become one regardless of their origins, faiths, races, cultures, and ethnicities must be appreciated and applauded. The couple sets a new standard for living in harmony despite their given differences. They are practicing genuine pluralism, respecting the otherness of the other, and accepting the Allah-given (God/Nature) uniqueness.


As a Muslim, my mission is to shape and preserve the future of American Muslims in general and Muslim women in particular. When we live amidst fellow humans, falling in love is natural, there is always the one you fall in love with. Indeed, it is God who puts love in your hearts for each other. The Quran 30:21, “And among His signs is that He created mates for you from among yourselves so that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you love and compassion. In these are signs for people who reflect.” It has been my pleasure to have officiated weddings for Muslims in various combinations; Muslim-Christian, Muslim-Jewish, Muslim-Hindu, Muslim-Mormon, Muslim-Sikh, Muslim-Jain, Muslim-Buddhist, Muslim Atheist, and Muslim-Muslim. By the way, individuals marry each other and not religions.


My vision is to see Muslims feel secure and live a fully integrated life in America. My book the “American Muslim Agenda” clearly lays out the plan to live such life. It is available at Amazon now. The next book is “Madame President” a vision where a Muslim woman runs for the office of the President of the United States in 2036 and how it can be accomplished. Coming soon.

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God created the world in harmony and balance (Quran 55-7-11), and loves those individuals who marry and add to the harmony. Someday we may find out what attracts a man to a woman or vice-versa, like a magnet two individuals come together to be one with each other, as if a GPS is placed between them. Religion, region, or race become secondary when two people fall in love with each other. This is what God loves, two people becoming a source of harmony and happiness to each other.

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