Sikh-Muslim Wedding

I just officiated a Sikh and Muslim wedding in New Orleans. Through my work at the Center for Pluralism, I have learned and continue to learn the essence of each faith, and each faith is so beautiful. What a pleasure to see two different people, from different faiths, ethnicities, languages,…

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Unique Wedding Traditions

Amazing Wedding TraditionsInterfaith marriages have created amazing revivals of traditions. In the United States, people of all origins have amalgamated and created new “traditions” for their weddings. Each wedding I have officiated is different, even the food items served are fusion foods. Here the groom enters the place, and women’s…

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Marriage on top of the Mountain

It was such a joy to officiate two weddings last week; one in Miami, a Hindu-Muslim, and the other was a Muslim-Christian wedding in Estes Park Mountain resort in Colorado. It is 12000′ above sea level, high up in the Mountain. The couple and the two of us, me and…

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Interfaith Marriages are Patriotic

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Indeed, when two people from different races, ethnicities, and faiths create that one nation we cherish, we all want a country where there is no “YOU” and “I”…

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